Ireland's Most Experienced Company in Industrial Rope Access and Steeplejack Services

Rainey Restoration Ltd is a rejuvenation of Ireland's oldest and largest steeplejack company. The new third generation management leads a team of fully qualified personnel, experienced in a wide range of building skills.

Our crew of fully accredited rope access technicians enhance our ability to provide access solutions for all manner of works in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Steeplejack Services & Rope Access

We are the only company on the island of Ireland to successfully amalgamate traditional steeplejack methods and modern rope access techniques.

Lightning Protection

Offering decades of experience in the installation, testing and certification of lightning protective systems throughout Ireland.

Safety Netting

We design and install safety netting systems to buildings and tall structures, using rope access methods to offer safe and cost-efficient solutions.

Specialist DOFF & TORC Cleaning

The DOFF & TORC machines have revolutionised the methods and results of cleaning in both industrial and conservation practices.

Stonework & Repointing

We have many years of experience in traditional building and repair methods associated with historic and ecclesiastic buildings.

Traditional Leadwork/Copperwork and Roofing

Specialising in all types of traditional lead work, lead welding, copper work and roofing, with a full backup of consultation services available.

Vegetation Treatment Programmes

Taking a proactive approach to maintenance of historic structures, we offer services to control potential structural damage caused by vegetation growth.

Structural Inspections & Chimney Maintenance

Using a variety of skills, we can conduct structural inspections and assess the condition of all types of chimney in a timely and cost effective manner.

Video Case Study - Holywood Parish Church