Lightning Protection Northern Ireland

Lightning is a powerful force of nature, which can result not only in structural damage, but also fires, explosions, damage to electronic systems and electric shock. Rainey Restoration Ltd has decades of experience in the installation, testing and certification of lightning protective systems throughout Ireland.

We have installed, tested and certified lightning protective systems across the country in strict accordance with the current British and European standards. Our employees work to the current BS EN/IEC 62305 standard, a new risk management approach replacing the BS 6651:1999, which was withdrawn in August 2018. Once implemented, these standards greatly reduce the risk and ultimate effects of a lightning strike.

Previous Work

St Mel’s Cathedral, Longford
The original lightning protection system only incorporated the campanile. Surge protection, a full grid network and additional terminations to earth were installed, thus upgrading the system to the current standard EN 62305.

Portumna Castle
As there was no lightning protection in place, a new system was designed and installed to meet the current EN standards.

Graham’s Facilities Management
We carry out annual testing, maintenance and certification of Lightning Protection Systems nationwide. 

  • "I worked closely with Rainey restoration at St Mel’s Cathedral (2012-2015) on a number of particularly challenging aspects related to high level removals, structural strengthening works, reinstatement of the fabric of the cathedral campanile and works in and around the bells. No matter what challenges we put in front of them , their experience/skills , detailed method statements and risk assessments and extremely disciplined approach , yielded positive results , without fail.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian Rainey and his team for such works and look forward to working with them again in the future."

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