Steeplejacks Belfast

Rainey Restoration is the only company in Belfast, Northern Ireland that has successfully amalgamated traditional steeplejack methods with modern rope access techniques.

As steeplejacks, we are experienced in all aspects of building conservation. We work on all structural types and have developed an expansive portfolio of projects including historic monuments, churches, cathedrals and listed buildings.

Our unique approach to restoration services have allowed us to implement cost-effective methods to reach any height or location, enabling us to produce a detailed report of a building’s structural integrity and offer recommendations accordingly. This has the potential to greatly expand the life span of a building.

At Rainey Restoration Ltd, the health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance. Our rope access techniques allow us to safely work at heights and carry out difficult manoeuvres both safely and efficiently. Furthermore, 95% of our works can be carried out without the need for expensive scaffolds, craneage or road closures.

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